Eric Justin White

Eric Justin White is a sculptor and high school art teacher with both a BFA in Sculpture and BFA in Art Education from East Carolina University. His work explores a wide variety of sculptural media, including wood and stone carving, fabricated steel, and cast iron, aluminum and bronze.

His most recent work has focused on the theme of connection. Everything in the world is tied together by some form of connection, both large and small, visible and ethereal, and it is these abstract connections that tie together his body of work. His recent "Fragment" series, which focuses on the process of casting metal around carved soapstone, strongly utilizes connection as an integral element in its design. Through the casting process, the two materials become intimately combined into one whole. The extreme heat and forces cause fractures in the stone, and without the embracing metal, the stones would likely break apart. The two become inseparable without the destruction of each other, and it is this inseparable bond that alludes to the connections that tie together our societies, cultures, and the environment that supports our life.

In addition to creating sculptural works, Eric also dabbles in woodworking and painting. He is a founding member of The Atomic Lime Project, a collective of young, upcoming artists based in North Carolina that is focused on giving local artists a voice and place in the community.

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