Melina Reed

Melina’s art is an extension of herself in the most literal sense. As she pursues a career as an English professor, she seek ways to use words to express herself creatively and professionally while attempting to apply this knowledge to her work and those who absorb it. Metalwork has created for her a new outlet for this artistic expression. Each piece is comprised of many pieces that, together, represent a greater whole. For Melina, metalwork reflects a marriage of opposites: connecting the warm tones of emotion, words and memory to the cool tones of metal. Within each piece is a universe, assigned meaning by its wearer.

Melina intends for her pieces to become interpretations of self, capable of holding many meanings bound by a single word or concept. Right now Melina is primarily focusing on etched copper and fold forms with silver accents, enameling and the incorporation of found objects within necklace, earring, and bracelet designs. The diversity of her pieces reflects the rawness of human expressions; no two will be the same.

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