Justin Campbell

"We are the human race. This extraordinary distinction makes us the most influential biological force the earth has had to bare. We are great in ways as simple as the inside of watch or as grand as gravity defeating steel and concrete. As a race, the desire and ability to push knowledge and technology seems limitless. We are Great. However, as with every spectrum, there is the dark side to our progress. It is this untrendy subject that most strongly intrigues me and plays on my emotions. Therefore, my work is a direct interpretation of the underlying ways in which progress has had a negative affects on our environment and the human condition."

French-American sculptor Justin Campbell was born in Chambery, a city in the French Alps on May 23rd, 1984, second son of American father Brian and French mother Katia Campbell. He grew up on the North Carolina coast developing an intimate connection with the subtropical wildlife in and out of the water. Justin‚s passion for art showed at an early age, in his drawing, painting and sculpting. He worked on his own, imitating masters, and reinforcing craftsmanship and technical skills, whether in his father‚s workshop, or in restoration sites overseas. After an eight months long dive-trek adventure through Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, he began his studies in 2003 at East Carolina University‚s School of the Fine Arts, one of the top Art institutions in the South-East. Justin currently works out of his studio at the university. His forged iron, bronze and aluminum creations reflect vigor and bold imagination. He works on commissions conveying his emotional connection to the misunderstood creatures he grew up respecting.

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